Minutes From the Wiconisco Township
Board of Supervisors Meeting

August 1, 2023

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ronald Pinchorski at 6:30 p.m. on August 1, 2023. Present at the meeting were Chairman Ronald Pinchorski, Vice Chairman Sean Flynn, Secretary Candice Fausnacht, Roadmaster Ian Buffington, Wastewater Operator Dan Schell and Zoning Officer Paul Kulp.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The minutes from the July 4, 2023 Board of Supervisors meeting were approved as written. The tax collector’s report, treasurer’s report, zoning report and roadmaster’s report were all read and approved. There was no police chief’s report. Dan Schell advised that the tanker truck needs to have a broken leaf spring replaced. The Board advised him to get a price quote for the next meeting. Ron Pinchorski made a motion to approve Industrial Services Solutions to rebuild 2 of the lagoon mixer units at a cost of $8,507.00. Sean Flynn seconded the motion with all supervisors voting in favor. Dan added that he would like to get 2 more of the lagoon mixers rebuilt next year. Dan also stated that he is concerned about the roof at the wastewater treatment plant after the hail in June. The Board advised Dan to look at the roof and if necessary, contact the insurance company.

Citizen’s Questions:

Stephanie Fritsch stated that Dauphin County is offering home improvement grants up to $50,000.00 that would benefit residents in the area that are in need of repairs.

Allen Snyder stated that the hedge at 537 Pottsville Street needs trimmed back. Kerry Teter of Lykens stated that he will contact the home owner.

Bob Zubrickie stated that he is doing water testing on the public water, his well and the run off water behind the firehouse. He is checking for PCB’s, sulfur and lead. He will share the results of the tests with the township. He is paying for the testing. Ron Pinchorski thanked Mr. Zubrickie for doing the testing and said that the run off water appears to be coming from the substation.

Bob Zubrickie said that the basketball courts look good but he is concerned about kids lowering the hoops and hanging on the nets. Ron Pinchorski will look into the matter. He added that the fence behind the backboards does not reach the ground and the basketballs go under the fence. Ian Buffington stated that it is due to erosion and he will look at the fence.

Dave Perniola stated that the cost of operating the soda machine has gone up and is only profiting $60.00. He asked if the Board would like to keep the soda machine. Ron Pinchorski stated that the Board will discuss and make a decision. Mr. Perniola gave $300.00 in soda machine profits to the township to deposit.

John Mislyan issued a complaint regarding kids cursing at the basketball courts. He also questioned what happened to the gates that were to be installed at the L&W Field. Mr. Mislyan said that the L&W Field is deteriorating and that the upper east corner is overgrown. Ron Pinchorski said that there is only so much that the township can do and that the township and Lykens Borough along with the Lykens Tigers are looking into repairing the wall. Stephanie Fritsch questioned why there are no cameras at the park. Ron Pinchorski stated that may happen in the future.

John Mislyan asked if there are grants the township can apply for to tear down blighted properties. Paul Kulp stated that the township would have to acquire the properties first as you can not tear down someone else’s property.

Old Business:

The accounts to be paid on a prepared sheet were approved by motion of Ron Pinchorski and seconded by Sean Flynn with all supervisors voting in favor.

New Business:

Sean Flynn made a motion to approve Real Deal Sealcoating to hot tar the cracks, sealcoat and paint lines on the basketball court at a cost of $2,200.00 from ARPA funds. Ron Pinchorski seconded the motion with all supervisors voting in favor.

Ron Pinchorki advised that the Senate is reviewing a bill #225.PN regarding payments in lieu of taxes for property owned by the Game Commission. He stated that currently the township receives $1.20 per acre in lieu of taxes and the Senate is trying to raise the price to $1.70 per acre. He added that DCNR is raising their rates from $2.00 to $2.85 per acre. The Board is against the increase because they believe it should be more than $0.50 per acre. Ron Pinchorski added that the solicitor has been trying to set up a meeting with the Game Commission for months with no response.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.