Minutes From the Wiconisco Township
Board of Supervisors Meeting

September 13, 2021

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ronald Pinchorski at 7:00 pm on September 13, 2021. Present at the meeting were Chairman Ronald Pinchorski, Vice Chairman Sean Flynn, Supervisor Kerry Teter, Secretary Candice Fausnacht, Roadmaster Ian Buffington, Zoning Officer Paul Kulp and Police Chief Nicole Barge.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The minutes from the August 2, 2021 Board of Supervisors meeting were read and approved. The tax collector's report, treasurer's report, police chief's report, zoning report, roadmaster's report, wastewater operator's report and water authority report were all read and approved.

Citizen's Questions:

Jim Schwalm stated that every time it rains there are problems on Mountain Street. He stated that a new drain and 75 feet of pipe are needed to fix the problem. He said that the situation is getting worse due to the game commission putting roads in and that the Rails to Trails is being washed away. Ron Pinchorski asked Roadmaster Ian Buffington to meet with JIm to see where the issues are with flooding. Ron Pinchorski said that as far as the Game Commission is concerned, the Township can not speak for them.

Jim Schwalm also issued a complaint regarding ATV's riding on the Rails to Trails. Chief Barge stated that she and Ian spoke to the game commission and they do not want the Township putting anything on their property to stop the ATV's. Ian Buffington added that the game commission does not want the Township on their property. He said that if there is an issue the Township is to contact them. Ken Ferron stated that he does not want the Township putting anything on his property to block ATV's.

Allen Snyder stated that some of the flags on Pottsville Street are tattered. Ian Buffington advised that he would be taking the flags down the next day.

Robert Zubrickie asked if there was any progress on getting a street light on Arch Street near Center Street. Candice Fausnacht advised that PPL was notified and have issued a work order. He also questioned how much a traffic study would cost. Ian Buffington will talk to Penndot.

Old Business:

The accounts to be paid on a prepared sheet were approved by motion of Ron Pinchorski and seconded by Sean Flynn with all supervisors voting in favor.

New Business:

Sean Flynn made a motion to approve the 2022 Minimum Municipal Obligation Worksheet for Police and Non-Uniform pension plans. Ron Pinchorski seconded the motion with all supervisors voting in favor.

Ed Oxenrider stated that he would like to do a quit claim deed on the railroad bed property adjacent to 511 Walnut Street. He stated that he needs a letter from the Township solicitor but has gotten no response. Kerry Teter advised that the solicitor will be at the Board of Supervisors meeting on October 4.

Kerry Teter of Lykens Borough Council advised that Lykens Borough has received 5 bids to pave the portion of Center Street where the water line has been replaced.

  • New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company $53,230.00
  • Meckley's Limestone Products $53,980.00
  • H&K Group, Inc. $54,345.10
  • Construction Masters Services $67,450.00
  • JVI Group Inc. $82,090.00

He stated that the project was awarded to New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company. Ron Pinchorski made a motion to authorize the payment of $26,615.00 to Lykens Borough to cover half of the paving expense for the Center Street Project. Sean Flynn seconded the motion with all supervisors voting in favor.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37pm.