Wiconisco township board of supervisors meeting


A. Call to order by Chairman

B. Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag

C. Reports:

1. Minutes from the January 3, 2023 meeting

2. Tax Collector’s Report

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Zoning Officer’s Report

5. Police Chief’s Report

6. Roadmaster’s Report

7. Wastewater Operator’s Report

8. Water Authority Report

D. Citizen’s Questions – one-half hour

E. Old Business:

1. Pay the accounts on a prepared sheet

F. New Business:

1. Approve Glace Associates, Inc. to prepare the Township’s Chapter 94 report at a cost of $1,175.00.

2. Approve Ordinance 01-23 providing that in certain fire losses the insurance company, association or exchange shall transfer insurance proceeds to a designated officer of the municipality as a portion of the removing, rep airing or securing the damaged building, providing for fees, providing for penalties for violation and setting forth procedures and requirements pertaining to such insurance proceeds and up to the implementation of Act 98 of 1992 in the Township.

3. L & W Baseball Association request for donation.

4. Williams Valley Teener Association request for donation.

5. Approve Quality Contracting Services, LLC to install 4 light post bases and trench a power line to all 4 post bases and wire up the poles at a cost of $2,650.00 from ARPA funds.

6. Approve purchase of 4 3-Head Black Outdoor Post Lights from Home Depot at a cost of $932.68 from ARPA funds.

7. Approve purchase of 6 post wraps from Klinger Lumber at cost of $180 each for a total of $1,080.00 from ARPA funds. Quality Contracting Services, LLC to install at no cost.